Ski rental

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Ski rental

Paul, our ski rental person ( is also this year the guy to be at for your ski rental! He has the best ski’s and snowboard for a very good price. The ski rental is also opened in summers. And if you want to wax or grind your ski’s/snowboards Paul is there for you!

Prices of the skiservice

  • Wax                          €10,-
  • Grind and wax         €17,50
  • Full service             €25,-

Prices ski rental

Doubting about the type of skier you are? You can always ask us advice. Send an e-mail to and we will advise the best ski/snowboard for you. You can always switch material for free. So there’s no problem if you have the wrong material, which doesn’t fit your ski style, or you just want to try an other style.

Ski/ snowboard pack Silver
Suitable for beginners and recreational skiers. A good skier for blue and red slopes. 

Pack price:                                € 90,–
Only ski’s en stocks:                 € 70,–

Ski/ snowboard pack Gold
Suitable for skiers who expect stable and fast ski’s. A good skier for red and black slopes. New freestyle ski’s (twintips) are also in this category.  

Pack price:                                € 125,–
Only ski’s en stocks:               € 105,–

Ski/ snowboard pack Gold freestyle
Suitable for pro skiers who expect good performances on every terrain. Perfect for off-piste, freestyle and on-piste.

Pack price:                             € 125,–
Only ski’s en stocks:              € 105,–

Ski pack Platinum
Maximum performance and control. The ultimate ski packet with ski’s of the top brand Elan and the newest models of the season. 

Pack price:                              € 140,–
Only ski’s en stocks:               € 120,–

We recommend you to book your ski’s and snowboards before you go on vacation. You can book them at, or